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MS Access embed an Excel downloaded template file on form

Dear Experts,
My Access for has an import button to import records from Excel spreadsheet. The process works fine but what I need to do is to make an Excel file template available for users to 'download' and use to fill in there records into the template and 'use' that template to import the records. Is there a way to 'embed' the spreadsheet file so when I commercialize the application any user can 'download' the template from the application without having to 'include' the template excel file with the Access Database file. Somewhere down the line the excel file might get lost if I simply 'link' to the file. I'd like to embed if possible.
If not, I suppose the only thing I could do is to create a little help form that provides the user information on 'how to setup' up their excel file for import.
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Gustav Brock

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