Exchange 2013 Database recreation proces

Hi Team,

Issue: we have 4 copies of each exchange database ,  Circular Logging is enabled
 1 mounted , 3 healthy(1 Lagged copy) ....The Lagged copy Database drive is having problem  and we checked with vendor , need to replace the  drive .

please provide me the steps to follow
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AkhaterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1) Disable circular logging

2) get lagged copy parameter Get-MailboxDatabaseCopy copyname | fl name, ReplayLagTime

3) remove lagged copy

4) replace the disk

5) add database copy

6) set lagged time again  Set-MailboxDatabaseCopy copyname -ReplayLagTime copied in 2

7) enable circular logging
BuntyquestAuthor Commented:
I have a question , once we disable the  circular logging in the 1st step..... the Logs started creating ...... if  the replacing of the disk may take 30 mins .......2000 Logs will create by the time...... after we completed the activity......  add DB copy ...Set Lagged time........  we run the "enable circular Logging"  command   ...........what happened to the 2000 Logs created .....???
Once circular logging is enabled logs will be purged
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BuntyquestAuthor Commented:
Both the >EDB and Log Files are saved in the same drive....   When the Database copy adding .....will i need to   run any command  to mention  the .EDB and Log file locations.

X:\Exchange Databases\Mailbox Database X\Mailbox Database X.edb
X:\Exchange Databases\Mailbox Database X\Logs\xxxxxx.Log
No need, just give the new drive the same drive letter than the old one and once you add the db copy it will automatically copy it
BuntyquestAuthor Commented:
Do we need to seed the Database with the Active copy after adding the New Database ?

And how to seed the Database with  passive copy  rather than seed from source Active copy?
By default seeding will be done automatically when you add a db copy, however if you want to specify a seeding server you need to use the SeedingPostponed parameter to the add-mailboxdatabasecopy and then use the update-mailboxdatabasecopy command with SourceServer parameter
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