Windows server Active Directory Server and DNS server

DNS service shows many computer has the same IP .example ,i see on my dns server COMPUTER1 and COMPUTER2 has the same ip addresses (DHCP addresses),I use DHCP server on my network  and no STATIC IP.
why they get the same IPs ?

Please help
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Carol ChisholmCommented:
Your example is not visible.

Are you sure you have only 1 DHCP server?
On COMPUTER1 run IPCONFIG/ALL and make sure your DHCP server has the correct address.

You do not tell us what versions you are using.
dns01Author Commented:
yes i have only one dhcp server which is on AD(Dns) server.

in DNS i see some of computer (hostname) are the same IP. I ping and get answer from computer which has the same IPs.

Active Directory server(DNS+DHCP) is windows 2008 standard .
dns01Author Commented:
DHCP server not shows the same IPs. i see only in DNS services.
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Carol ChisholmCommented:
Perhaps you have another DHCP server (a firewall or router)

If you run IPCONFIG/ALL from a command prompt on a computer that has a bad IP you can see the IP address of the DHCP server
dns01Author Commented:
ok i do.
sometimes i see in DHCP ,BAD ADDRESS shows
dns01Author Commented:
I do not understand something  , how can 2 x DHCP server at the same network and the both are same IP range.?

I think somehow DNS zone Problem  or?
Carol ChisholmCommented:
DHCP servers are very simple. Many routers, telephone systems and switches have built in DHCP servers.
You can get two by mistake and it will cause problems

Each COMPUTER will tell you the IP address of the DHCP server it is using if you run the command (Start - Run - CMD) IPCONFIG/ALL

Then you can check the IP address of the DHCP server. If is of a different address to your main DHCP server you must find the device that is the false DHCP server and stop it giving addresses.
Carol ChisholmCommented:
It could also be a DNS zone problem, but DNS servers do not give addresses to computers.
Have you checked on the computers if they have the IP address that is in the DNS?
Carol ChisholmCommented:
You must check the COMPUTERS to see what address they REALLY have,
Then check if the address is the same as the DNS (DNS is only recording information sent from the computer)
dns01Author Commented:
Actually problem is :

in DNS Record shows:


and both pingable.

in DHCP(range 110-220):

no workstation02 there.
Depending on your settings, it's likely that old DNS records are not being removed.  You'd want to check which settings are configured in your DHCP server options for the DNS tab, and for the DNS server scavenging settings along with dynamic update settings which are per zone.

I'd suggest these links as good reading.

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dns01Author Commented:
i agree check scavenging settings ,actually they are default setting like 7 days etc, but i am sure there are some problems
Carol ChisholmCommented:
So there was a workstation2 before? it is now removed and the DNS entry has not gone?
If you delete it manually does it return?
dns01Author Commented:
Hi Carol,
Yes there was workstation2 ,i erased manually it ,lets see come back or not
What Carol advised should work. One of the few other thoughts might be to try clearing out all of the DHCP leases.
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