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Outlook exchange

TempoeIT asked
We recently purchased a company and added them to our AD/Exchange.
However, they have automated emails coming from vendors and solutions providers that we need to forward to their new Exchange account.
We will eventually, move all vendor / auto emails to our company email but we need to derive this list first without losing current function.

Example:    Cloud CRM emails bill to accounting jsmith@boughtcompany.com we need it to go to John.smith@purchasingcompany.com
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If you have created mailboxes for all the old accounts you can just change the mailbox properties to have the messages delivered to the new mailbox.
Here is the Exchange 2016 Technet but it is pretty much the same in the other versions

If not you can use a transport rule in Exchange to route the messages
Here is the whole TechNet reference

Here is a nice simple example (Exchange 2010)
Raheman M. AbdulMessaging and Directory Services
You can create all of the purchasingcompany.com user's mailboxes as contacts in your exchange organisation (ie in boughtcompany.com) and set their external email addresses to @purchasingcompany.com email addresses for each user.
then you can migrate mailboxes of users in purchasingcompany.com in your organisation (boughtcompany.com)