Draytek 2820 with Virgin Super Hub and FTTC Fail over/load balancing

Can anyone help me with this? I need some advice/instructions. The Draytek will not fail over when the Virgin line goes down (which is Regular occurence!) We have to manually connect to router and switch the ethernet connection to the superhub off. As the Draytek see the circuit as still up as it has an ethernet connection. We would ideally like some setup so that when the Superhub stops working we continue seamlessly on the Internet.
Any ideas
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The 2820 is designed to use the ADSL port as primary and can have failover to the secondary (ethernet) WAN port.

How have you configured it to use FTTC (delivered over Ethernet) and Virgin (delivered over Ethernet) ?

I have several clients that use FTTC with Virgin backup using a Cisco ASA firewall to do failover. The ASA can failover based on ICMP reachability, I'm not sure whether the 2820 just does "port down" failover, or has another method such as ARP timeout, which would not activate unless your Superhub was in bridge mode.
techies123Author Commented:
Thanks for you rinput
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