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Problem pinging RRAS server from outside the network

RRAS has been working successfully for a few years.  Last week something seems to have changed and we are no longer able to ping the public IP Address that is port forwarded to the Windows 2k3 server IP Address

From the server, if we go to http://canyouseeme.org we see our public IP address.  When we check Port 1723 (PPTP port) we get a successful reply which leads us to believe that both the firewall and ISP are not blocking this port.

We are currently using an ASA 5506-X running ASA Version 9.4(1)

access-list outsideif_in extended permit tcp any object obj- eq pptp

object network obj-
 nat (insideif,outsideif) static (Public IP Address)

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netstat -an -o |find /i "listening" shows in attahcment.

Does anyone have any suggestions?
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