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WIndows 10 anniversary update issues

i have one windows 10 computer that is having trouble with Microsoft .NET Plug-In not supported
with current security settings after the Windows 10 anniversary upgrade.
i searched and could not find a solution.

Any help would be great!
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Luis Moura
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It may be an add-on causing the issue.
Start>Control Panel>Internet Options>Advanced tab, uncheck "enable third-party browser extensions"
close all open IE windows and restart IE for the full changes to take effect...
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That did not work.
Go to: 

Download and run and hide the updates that will not install. Then re-run the main Anniversary Update.
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Luis Moura
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No I did not.  It took forever to update and this seems to be the only issue
Did you try hiding the errant update?
Try uninstall see if problem solve.
Yes I could do that but I would prefer a fix. It could cause even more problems if I uninstall.
i dont think that will couse more problems, but i understant that
To fix the issues - Install Microsoft Edge Extensions on Windows 10

Follow this link:
I am very uncomfortable using Edge because of the controversy surrounding its security risks but thanks for the possible solution.
The newest Edge Brower (Windows 1607 build 14393.222) is more secure now.
John just searched and cannot find an extension for for Edge.
Is it not same as for IE?
I understand that, i followed the instructions via your link and I did not see a corresponding extension.
I had to uninstall the update to fix
Like i say, nice that you solved.
You can give the points however you see fit.
I think I stated the only solution was to uninstall the update as suggested by Luis.
There was no other solution.