I am trying to stop and AWS instance but cannot

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this option will not let me shut it downthis shows that the termination protection is off , what am i missing??I and just trying to stop and AMS instance , not terminate it , I see that option greyed out , I see that termination protecttion is not on

why else can I not just stop this instace?
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Are you saying that the "Stop" option is grayed out? or the whole "Instance State" category?

Either way, it's unusual. However, I have seen some weird behavior before if the AWS API is acting out.

one thing to try, is another browser first, to see if it's a UI issue. Other than that, if the machine is currently in a full running state or it's pending a stop, you will want to either post in the AWS EC2 forum:

Or open a ticket/chat with support.
If your instance is on faulty underlying hardware, and it is in fact in a (Stopping...) state, it could take a while before it's fully stopped, and even AWS support will tell you to wait it out, as they can't do a whole lot about it.
By the way, just another thought. I'm not sure how long you've had this instance up, but if you're using an instance with Ephemeral storage, you can only Terminate or Reboot. (Some info on Ephemeral Storage http://docs.aws.amazon.com/AWSEC2/latest/UserGuide/InstanceStorage.html )

If that is in fact the case. make sure you backup your data before terminating it.
If the above is in fact the case... at this juncture, I would suggest switching to using EBS Backed AMIs.

hope this helps!

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