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Has anyone used the citrix sharefile for file sharing and versioning? I got the sale calls and they answered yes to following questions I asked -

Unlimited  Storage was yes but I could not get real answer about capped limit or is it actually unlimited. If it is unlimited I would gradually archive all the videos file from long term storage of two 48 TB big lacie to cloud as alternate backup for freelancer access in future, even if backup takes 6  months. But it sounds unrealistic to have unlimited storage on cloud at that rate.

I was told that birectional sync could be enabled with internal file server, if so I would enabled bi-drectional sync on company network drive which most of client docs not the video and sync with file server, so they could use it on premise for faster access and use fileshare from remote location.

If it could be sync with file server and also sync with sharepoint online for limited amount of folder then I would also enable sync for sharepoint company site. Sharepoint is limited to 1 TB therefore, I would restrict one folder to sharepoint online and all four folders to fileshare.

Does it really do better versioning than sharepoint or one drive, if approval feature is enabled.?

If fileshare works the way it was pitched, then I would switch my office365 from E3 to basic, as I have not really been able to moved my executive to pain E3 from partners E3 to make use of full one drive storage 5 TB. All the first tested executive user account and stuck in 1 TB instead of new 5 TB limit and they get reassigned same storage even after removing license and adding back. Removing user account from hybrid sync OU and adding them back again and they still get assigned to 1 TB, though new users are getting 5 TB storage. Did all power-shell logged 3 calls with MS all closed without solution. Now the only option is to pay for fileshare and only basic plan for office365 which will give access on only to share-point, one drive and communication tool. I do not need office full package or online exchage, as all mailboxes are still on premise
pchettriIT DirectorAsked:
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Michael MachieFull-time technical multi-taskerCommented:
Whoa, a lot of info!

Here's what I have to say as a ShareFile user and someone who supports it.

If they say they can do it,  they can, plain and simple. Look at the plan that are offering for available storage amounts. I am able to sync a user's mapped home folder to ShareFile via a desktop sync Client. Windows phone syncs fine and so does IOS and Android. Very good experience overall.

It does what they say it does.
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