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Modifying ESXi hosts MaxHWTransferSize, IOPSValue and ATSMode to achieve best performance & reliability ?

Hi People,

This is another follow Up thread from: https://www.experts-exchange.com/questions/28974117/VMware-VMFS-datastore-LUN-PSP-and-settings-differences-across-different-ESXi-hosts.html

When I produce the report of the Best Practice in VMware ESXi deployment with All Flash Array (SSD), I noticed that there are two items I need to set:

The VAAI XCOPY MaxHWTransferSize for this host is incorrect: 4096
This should be set to 16386 (16 MB).

Some of the VMFS LUNs in the multiple ESXi hosts are displaying IOPSValue as N/A and some of them 1000
This should be set to 1. --> Why the value is changed significantly from 1000 into 1 ?

All of the VMFS LUNs in the entire ESXi hosts are displaying ATSMode as N/A.
This should be set to enabled.

Does any ofthose settings can cause any impact or outage to the Production environment or the VMs ?
I'm thinking to configure it just on one ESXi host and hten moving on to the other ESXi host the next day.

Any help and suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

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