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How to configure VPN to listen at certain IP on Sonicwall?

This is using DELL Sonicwall NSA 2600. Currently, 2 network ports are in use - X0, for LAN; and X1 for WAN. For LAN, we are using, while X0, there is a IP pool - a.b.99.128/28; See the IP addresses allocated:

     X0 -
     X1 - a.b.99.130

Current, few IPsec tunnel site-to-site were configured and working fine. Except for one site, in which the ip - a.b.99.130 was blocked by the other side of the IPsec tunnel. Now, I am thinking to use a different IP, for example, .142, to be binds to this IPsec tunnel. Shall I have create a secondary IP on X1 interface? How to configure the X0 interface, so as this site VPN is listening at a different IP?


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