Powershell script explanation

I was wondering if someone could help explain what the below powershell script is doing.  It was inherited and whatever its function isn't working correctly, i was hoping to understand a little better to help troubleshoot

$srcDir = "C:\Opex"
$dstDir = "\\tc00afsv02\c$\Shares\zvol2$\OpexTest\Unprocessed"
$bakDir = "C:\OpexBackup"

while ($true){

    $folders = Get-ChildItem -Path $srcDir

    foreach ($folder in $folders){

        $folderPath = $folder.FullName
        $folderName = $folder

        $oxiExists = Test-Path -Path "$folderPath\*.oxi"

        if ($oxiExists){      
            Write-Output "OXI Found in $folderPath"
            $folderExists = Test-Path -Path $dstDir\$folderName
            if (-not $folderExists){

                New-Item -Path $dstDir\$folderName -ItemType Directory -Verbose

                Copy-Item -Path $folderPath -Destination $bakDir -Recurse -Verbose
				Sleep 1
				Copy-Item -Path "$folderPath\*.tif" -Destination $dstDir\$folderName -Recurse -Verbose
				Sleep 1
				Copy-Item -Path "$folderPath\*.oxi" -Destination $dstDir\$folderName -Recurse -Verbose
                Sleep 1
                Remove-Item -Path $folderPath -Recurse -Force -Verbose

        else {
            Write-Output "OXI Not Found"
            Sleep 1

    Sleep 1

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Dustin SaundersDirector of OperationsCommented:
While ($true) means that the code continuously loops (probably intended to be run as a service).

First, it gets all child items in $srcDir and sets that as a collection of items called $folders.

Then foreach ($folder in $folder) means, for each item in your collection $folders it does the code.

Now it sets the folder path as $folderPath and the name as $folderName.

Test-Path returns true if it finds anything, so it looks for a .oxi file in each folder, so it's checking to see if one exists.

If one does exist, it checks to see if a folder of the same name exists in the destination.  If not, it creates one and then copies everything from the source folder to the $bakDir.  After that it copies all .tif and all .oxi to the new destination folder.

After the copy, it then deletes the source folder.

If it doesn't find anything, on the Test-Path, then it doesn't take any actions.

Since it's all enclosed in a While {} loop, it waits 1 second (Sleep 1) then starts the process again.

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leadthewayAuthor Commented:
where would i look to see if it's running as a service?
Dustin SaundersDirector of OperationsCommented:
services.msc on any of your main servers would be a good place to check.  If it's not running as a service then it may be firing off as a scheduled task.  If you recently rolled passwords and it's not running, could be the task or service needs the updated password.
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leadthewayAuthor Commented:
yeah i have another script that is scheduled that cleansout the backup directory this script copies to, but i don't see one for this script, nor do i see it in services...not sure how it runs then, but it's running because its moving to bakdir, just not copying to the dstdir
Dustin SaundersDirector of OperationsCommented:
Is this still a valid location?
$dstDir = "\\tc00afsv02\c$\Shares\zvol2$\OpexTest\Unprocessed"
leadthewayAuthor Commented:
Dustin SaundersDirector of OperationsCommented:
You may want to then open the script in powershell ISE and run it manually.  If there are any errors, you'll get red text output and it might shed some light as to where your problem is coming from.
David Johnson, CDRetiredCommented:
It won't be running as a service but a scheduled task
Dustin SaundersDirector of OperationsCommented:
It's fairly popular for people to load powershell tasks as a service, it's actually very easy to create them using PowerGUI.  It's typically preferred to run like that because you can set up your monitoring to check the service status and ensure it's not down.
leadthewayAuthor Commented:
Just a follow up, after doing some digging through event log, it was actually launched and left running constantly checking for that oxi file, it was launched under the profile of the guy I inherited from, thus when his account was disabled, that profile no longer had access to that path.. I think we have it sorted, much thanks
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