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Security Question AV vs Malwarebytes or benefits using both.

Looking to tighten down security currently using AVG and happy with this product. I've never used a purchased version of Malwarebytes however find it's substantial removing malware.

Question, I'm thinking of using the business version of Malwarebytes and AVG at the same time, is this overkill, a good plan, or should I stick with one or the other?

Thanks in advance.
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I would not recommend to run Malwarebytes and AVG at the same time although Malwarebytes tells that this will work fine. Especially don't do this in a corporate environment.
Two scan engines running on the same time was never recommended.
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I've actually ran both and it's been fine, didn't see a hit on performance. However cost is a concern buying two licenses. Just my experience.

Any input on running Malwarebytes by itself, I've never done this. Is it considered AV?
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In the same line as awawada, it's not a good idea to use two security tools but they'll likely interfere with each other, and possibly even slow down your computer. if there is a need to do this, use one that runs in the background, and one that runs on-demand, and disable the background one when you run your on-demand one

Other point AVG had bad test results and Norman was not better. Now AVG bought Norman but I didn't see that this product is getting better.
Please don't understand me wrong. I will never tell that AVG was bad but you should evaluate all available products again.
Running two AV are not recommended as it may conflict system drivers. Instead explore in layer defence beyond just the existing AV such as Malwarebytes Anti-ransomware (mainly against Ransomware attack) and MalwareBytes Anti exploit (mainly fend against browser exploits). HitmanPro.Alert is another candidate.
I'm currently working with a 30 day trial and testing different scenario's. I'll have an update as I test.
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I like Malwarebytes and it catches things that antiviruses do not.  But I would not run Malwarebytes in the active configuration.  The things it catches are not generally as critical as viruses, and it is going to add more overhead to the system.

Imo, running Malwarebytes weekly is probably sufficient for small businesses.  I also suggest running Spybot - Search and Destroy periodically, as there seems to be little overlap between what an antivirus catches, what Malwarebytes catches, and what Spybot catches.
Great answer, specific to the question. Thank you.