Create User Account in Galaxy Tab Pro S - Windows 10 Pro


I want to create additional user on my Galaxy Tab Pro S .. the tap is running windows 10 Pro .. when I tried to create a user it will ask to sign in with Microsoft Account ..  Is there a way to create a user with the standard way by password only?

Thank you
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McKnifeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
On windows 10 pro, you can of course use any account type.
1 Right click cmd.exe and select "run as administrator"
2 on the command prompt, launch the command
net user /add test testpw
(adds a test user "test" with password "testpw").
Uttam KumarTech Support ExpertCommented:
I tried it here as well, same results, I think without a MS account, this is not possible.
mu3tasemAuthor Commented:
Thank you .. it worked
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