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Excel VBA question, if cell is empty then replace it with specified value

Excel Experts,

Please open attached file and you can that see that i have all the details, except i do not know how to do this with VBA.

any help is appreciated.
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"...for each target cell..."
In your sample workbook, you only have a single cell address listed in column E.  Will there ever be multi-cell ranges specified here?
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Thanks Aikimark.

Yes, most of the time single cell but sometimes multiple cells like range("a1:b4")
If this is possible then it is super cool but if not possible then I can live with single cell method .
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Saqib Husain
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this is great!  i could never imagined this could be done with this short code. i was expecting multiple page VBA code.

thank you so much.

one small teak though. in stead of message boxes , can the value of message boxes be filled in the column G of "Config" sheet?
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Professor J

Not for points,

altering Saqib's code to this

Sub filltargetcells()
    Dim cel As Range, cel2 As Range, fname As String, wb As Workbook
    Dim chchk As Boolean
    For Each cel In ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Config").Range("A2:A" & Range("A2").End(xlDown).Row)
        fname = Dir(cel.Value & "\" & cel.Offset(, 1).Value & "." & cel.Offset(, 2).Value)
        Do While fname <> ""
            Set wb = Workbooks.Open(cel.Value & "\" & fname)
            Debug.Print wb.Name
            chchk = False
            For Each cel2 In wb.Sheets(cel.Offset(, 3).Value).Range(cel.Offset(, 4).Value)
                If IsEmpty(cel2) Then
                    cel2.Value = cel.Offset(, 5).Value
                    cel.Offset(, 6).Value = "Change Completed"
                   cel.Offset(, 6).Value = "Skipped, data already existed in " & cel.Offset(, 4)
                End If
            Next cel2
            wb.Close True
        fname = Dir()
    Next cel
End Sub

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Thanks a lot Saqib
Assigning the msgbox messages to the cells is somewhat meaningless when the filename is *
thank you Saqib.