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Setting up ipSec VPN between ZyXEL routers

I have a VPN link between two locations and have been using the old ZyWall 2+. Has worked well. Need to replace one of the routers with a ZyXEL USG 20, and I'm not able to get the two boxes to even set up the tunnel. Have checed the settings over and over, but not found what is wrong. Also wen through the article at ftp://ftp.zyxel.com/ZyWALL.../ZyWALL%20USG%2020_2.pdf  and did all the settings according to this, but still no tunnel or connection between the boxes.
Tried to figure out what is going on from the logs, but don't understand all of it. Have attached screenshots of logs at both sides in case it may help. Any suggestions how to get this up and working??

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