Boot Fails windows 10. Disk Locked seen in Repair PC.

Upgraded to Windows 10 Pro from Windows 8.1 Pro. System motherboard MSI NF980-G65 a gaming board. Run C:\ drive as a Raid 5 array with 1.36TB.

Ran several months productively but with lots of updates from Microsoft. Two weeks ago lost boot capability - unavailable system.

From system recovery disk entered command prompt. Ran C: Chkdsk /f == no errors found. Ran C: dir, all software on C: is as expected (windows, system32, etc).  Ran most of DISKPART.EXE series of commands to observe DISK 0 (system) and Partition Volumes status. Attributes of Disk andeach Volume show all NOs for parameters.

Suspected Read-only status but parameters show none. Tried resetting boot record for C:/Windows/system32 drive using BCDBOOT.EXE and bootrec  /fix and bcd commands. Both techniques show same failed boot.

Ran Attributes Disk Clear / Set Read-only command but they fail with cannot Clear / Set Read-only. However, Attributes Volume Clear / Set Read-only works ok.

Net: Looks like the BOOT DISK is locked and cannot fix it. Malware or other blocking may be happening but can't prove it.

Tried Repair PC recovery. It fails with "Disk Locked" status.

Need expert help and advise here!!
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JohnConnect With a Mentor Business Consultant (Owner)Commented:
The update a few weeks back is likely the Anniversary Update V1607. With this new version, Microsoft is enforcing driver standards. Have you checked for new RAID drivers compliant with Windows 10?
TeddygtriAuthor Commented:
Thanks John - But how to find and apply?? Cannot boot system without doing full Reset PC and start over with full install losing several months of good productivity data and apps installed?
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
You can try removing the disk, putting in a carrier, and recovering the data on another computer.

You can reinstall from the Media Creation Link:

But unless you are sure about RAID drivers, a reinstall may have the same problem
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I see no indication that the boot stage is ever reached, so thoughts about drivers are speculation.
Please clarify what you see exactly. You wrote "Two weeks ago lost boot capability - unavailable system." - what is the error message and what stage are you at? upload a small photo, maybe.
Also share the output of diskpart list disk and, after selecting the disk, diskpart list partitions.

Why don't you have an image backup? The problem would be solved in minutes.
Anyway, I guess we can fix it.
RAID 5 is highly unreliable, and even more so if you are using the fakeRAID controllers integrated in most mainboards. Stop using RAID 5 and also never use your mainboard's fakeRAID Controller. If you are using a pro version of Windows, use the OS's built RAID 1. Otherwise don't use RAID at all, or get a real RAID controller along with enterprise class disks.

I suggest you re-install the OS (not to RAID 5), then restore your data from your backups.
TeddygtriAuthor Commented:
To McKnife

Thanks for quick response --

Your questions:
1) Error Message? It is "Inaccessible _Boot_Device"
2)Stage at?  ?? Cannot boot opsys with above message. Have run repair tools Command Prompt DiskPart.Exe, BCDboot.exe and bootrec commands -- no affect. Can change drive to c: and can see all directories and data there. From Repair Computer disk:: Ran Auto Repair PC - fails with did not fix, ran Refresh PC - fails with disk where windows installed is locked, ran Reset PC - fails with required drive partition is missing.
3) Share results of DiskPart.exe: List Volume = Vol 1 System Disk UDF DVD-Rom 4047MB Healthy / Vol 2 SysReset NTFS Partition 100MB Healthy / Vol 3 Master_C NTFS Partition 1396GB Healthy / Vol 4 blank NTFS 450MB Healthy
DiskPart.exe Attributes Volume: All parameters show "No" across all volumes.
4) Why no Image Backup: Have many from Symantec's 2013 SSR. But they are not compatible with Microsoft for their Restore Image. Symantec System Recovery Disk created fails disk locked.
TeddygtriAuthor Commented:
To Rindi

Thanks for comments --

Will need to migrate / convert Raid 5 to Raid 1. Have only seen convert Raid 5 to Raid 10. But from what I have seen, the systems did not survive very well in process. So it sounds like scratch build to create.

Anyway, this is academic since system involved cannot boot.
McKnifeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Inaccessible boot device - that could mean everything ok, just the driver for the controller is missing. In setting drivers into unbootable systems os possible but is experts' work. See
Just why wouldn't you comment anymore, Teddygtri?
TeddygtriConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Looks like Johns comments are more what's needed. I find that the mother board has conflicts with Windows 10 that aren't documented. Had to uninstall windows 10 and drop back to Win 8.1.
I wonder if you tried the method I had linked.
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