DataTables-Form Input column not sorting

Hi All,

I implemented a datatable on my sharepoint 2013 site and I have an issue and a question.

The first column does not sort like it should. Any ideas?  Here's an example of how it should work.

Here's my site

What would you suggest on how to update the 'Priority Number' column if the values were changed?
IsaacSharePoint Client Side DeveloperAsked:
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KarenAnalyst programmerCommented:
You can add a data-order attribute to the CELL of the column you wish to sort on, containing the value you wish it to sort by.
The datatables documentation about using "data-order" to sort columns can be found here
I have altered your js fiddle here
Walter CurtisSharePoint AEDCommented:
Have you considered using a calculated column to do what you want to do?
IsaacSharePoint Client Side DeveloperAuthor Commented:
No, I need to use the datatable b/c of the other features it has (fast and responsive search, item shown selection, etc.)
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KarenAnalyst programmerCommented:
Cannot go to your site, it gives a "permission denied" error
"The method "GetItems" of the type "List" ... is blocked by the administrator ...."
IsaacSharePoint Client Side DeveloperAuthor Commented:
I don't think it is possible to filter on column that have input field,
even on their site it is not possible
The filter is only on the first column because it's not using the input field
IsaacSharePoint Client Side DeveloperAuthor Commented:
Awesome!  Thanks!
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