Windows 10 deployment using MDT 2013 Update 2 and USMT migration from WIn 7 seems to breaks Win10 start bar..


As above.  Im testing deployment of WIN10 from WIN7 and the USMT bit during MDT seems to me locking up the start button on Win10.  Only affecting users i have USMT across from Win7.
New users are fine.

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RobSampsonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi, sorry for my delay.  In my customer config.xml I have these
    <component displayname="MigDocUser" migrate="yes" ID=""/>
    <component displayname="MigDocSystem" migrate="yes" ID=""/>
    <component displayname="Microsoft-Windows-themeui-DL" migrate="no" ID=""/>
    <component displayname="Microsoft-Windows-COM-ComPlus-Setup-DL" migrate="no" ID=""/>

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Which basically prevents the Windows Theme components and the ComPlus components from being migrated, since the settings from 32 bit to 64 vary considerably.  Bear in mind that this was from Windows XP x86 to Windows 7 x64, so there may be more components required from Windows 7 x86 to Windows 10 x64.

If you start with those settings, hopefully that will result in a cleaner transition.  This is a (very) brief article on the problem:


RobSampsonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi, not sure what your USMT settings are, but there's a video guide here:
(Part 2) Deploying Windows 10: How to Migrate Users and User Data to Windows 10

and a nice step by step guide here:
Refreshing a Windows 7 Computer to Windows 10 using USMT and SCCM

Have a look in the SMSTS.log file as well for any errors.

CHI-LTDAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the links.

There isnt anything in the first link that i wasnt already aware of, and i believ i have ran the upgrade process correctly.  However, the second link says i cannot upgrade (and use USMT) from Win 7 x86 to Win10 x64.  Is this 100% right?
Also the second link refers to and is assuming we use SCCM, im using MDT which i thought was essentially the same thing?  Is SCCM free?
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McKnifeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
About 32->64 bit USMT'ing: I remember the same: not possible.
RobSampsonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I'd be surprised if USMT from Win 7 x86 to Win10 x64 was flat out not possible as we used MDT and USMT to go from Win XP x86 to Win7 x64 and I remember we had to exclude specific OS parts for it to work (from memory COM+ stopped working). I'll have a look at my config files next week and show you what we have, although obviously I can't guarantee the same will apply to Win10.

Also SCCM is not free, but does provide zero touch capability as opposed to lite touch from MDT, but deployment wise, they can do the same thing.

CHI-LTDAuthor Commented:
Thanks Rob.  Any update on this?
So was it possible? If it was, you shouldn't have selected my comment as an assisted answer ;-)
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