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We have recently had our website rebuilt., The Website developers recommended WordPress, which is what we went with.
When someone fills out a contact form or forgets their password the site would send us or the user an email. This worked for the first month or so but recently some users have complained their emails are not arriving for lost passwords resets, and we are not receiving notifications from the site anymore.
The hosting company assures us that the emails are being generated and leaving the site, so the website developers say it is not their issue, as far as they are concerned things are working and emails are being generated.

The hosting company recommend sending email via SMTP instead of directly from the site. What would be the best method/service to accomplish this?

The SMTP service would need to be secure so that would need to be a consideration.
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the SMTP service  would have to be on the same domain as the website, otherwise when they are sent, receiving email systems may mark them as spam, or a relay error.
maybe this is the problem with your email now, if the hosting company say they are being generated and leaving the site, maybe the domain that the email are coming from is somehow blacklisted or it appears as begin relayed.

what other testing have you do to check the emails?
there is a plugin you can try to check the email system.

Jason C. LevineDon't talk to me.
The emails from WordPress are generated via PHP on the server and thus get marked as spam or spam-like far more often than they should be.  The solution is to use a SMTP server because the act of logging into the SMTP server helps to get around spam blocks.

The best thing to do is get a transactional email server account set up.  We use SendGrid for most sites as they are free for up to 12,000 emails/month. https://sendgrid.com/

You create the account with SendGrid, make a small change to your DNS information to avoid the issue that chilternPC brings up and allow SendGrid to send under your domain name, then install their plugin for WordPress and activate it.  All of this is a couple of hours of work, max.
Amita SinghWeb Developer
create a email in web hosting server. use this plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/easy-wp-smtp/
and configure same email and password for this plugin.


Thanks, for all the comments. As suggested I created a mailbox with our website hosting company & used the  Easy WP SMTP plugin. So far everything looks OK.

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