Cisco WLC: how to set up a single SSID with WPA2 password

We have six Cisco AIR-CAP1702I-E-K9 APs and a virtual WLC (v8.0.140).  The APs are joined to the WLC ( and have static addresses configured (  They are connected over a WAN link.

I have configured:
    A single WLAN and set security to "WPA2 Policy-AES" with PSK enabled and a password
      An AP group that contains the APs and the WLAN

      However the APs do not appear to output any wireless signal.

      How can I enable the wireless network?
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      David HaycoxAsked:
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      Craig BeckConnect With a Mentor Commented:
      Set the WLAN to use FlexConnect Local Switching (in the WLAN's Advanced tab). You'll need to configure a FlexConnect group for the APs and set the VLAN ID for the WLAN in the FlexConnect group settings. Put the APs in the FlexConnect group and you should be done.
      David HaycoxAuthor Commented:
      Ok, set APs to FlexConnect mode and they are now broadcasting.

      They are getting DHCP addresses from the remote end of the WAN link though, so that's the next thing!
      David HaycoxAuthor Commented:
      So far so good, thanks.  Clients can connect to the WLAN and if they have a static IP they can communicate as expected - it's just DHCP that's not working.

      I have entered the DHCP server address for the local site in the interface for the site (Controller / Interfaces / Interface name / Primary DHCP server) but no change.

      How can I tell clients to use a specified DHCP server (it's only one on their subnet)?
      David HaycoxAuthor Commented:
      Sorry, stupid error - the DHCP server on the LAN was disabled.
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