Can't remove internet calendar from Outlook 2010

I have a user that added a couple internet calendar subscriptions to Outlook.  I can't remove them. I have
deleted them from Outlook
deleted them from data files and internet calendars in account settings
I have deleted the user profile and all the contents here:
I've run outlook.exe /cleansubcriptions and outlook.exe /cleansharing
I set the user's profile on a completely different computer, they still repopulate
When I run outlook.exe /cleansharing, they will not repopulate, as soon as I close outlook and reopen, both repopulate.
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Addy NadiaExpertCommented:

To fix the problem, I did the following. If you want to do the following, go right ahead but you can't hold me liable if it breaks anything, you lose any data or if flying monkeys swarm your house.
Within Outlook, click File > Account Settings > Account Settings
Select Data Files and click on the file named with your email address.
Click the "Open File Location" button
Create a backup of the file
Close Outlook
Download MFCMAPI (
Select Session > Logon
Select the profile with the bad calendars.
Right-click the store listed as "my@emailaddress" and select "Open Store"
Expand Root - Mailbox
Locate a bad calendar and right-click, then select "Delete Folder"
Do not select "Hard Deletion" because it will not work (or didn't for me)
Click OK
Repeat steps 9 and 10 for each bad calendar.
Close MFCMAPI and open Outlook.
AConoverAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your reply.  This did not work.  They deleted with the program but as soon as you reopen Outlook, they repopulate.
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AConoverAuthor Commented:
Actually it did one thing.  It removed from "other calendars" in the left pane in Outlook.  It still adds the data file back to account settings and the two internet calendar entries in account settings.  Is there another step?
Addy NadiaExpertCommented:
have u use the mfc mapi tool. use this tool
AConoverAuthor Commented:
my last reply was from using that tool.
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