Amazon AWS to get product picture.

I have AccessKeyID for AWS.
I tried following. How can I get Signature? ( I request to provide help here itself, not just link to documents, as I have read all documents but could not get it. Thanks)
Rajesh JoshiAsked:
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shalomcConnect With a Mentor CTOCommented:
You need to create a sorted canonicalized query string and encrypt the full request  with your private key.
This code is untested, as I don't have a merchant account.

function createAWSSignature($operation,$secret_key){
    return base64_encode(hash_hmac("sha256",$operation,$secret_key,true));

$method = "GET";
$host = "";
$uri = "/onca/xml";

// additional parameters
$params["Service"] = "AWSECommerceService";
// GMT timestamp
$params["Timestamp"] = gmdate("Y-m-d\TH:i:s\Z");
$params["Version"] = "2013-08-01";
$params["Operation"] = "ItemLookup";
$params["ResponseGroup"] = "Images";
$params["IdType"] = "ASIN";
$params["ItemId"] = "B004HO6I4M";
$params["AWSAccessKeyId"] = [Your_AWSAccessKeyID];
$params["AssociateTag"] = [Your_AssociateTag];

$AWSPrivateKey=[Your_AWSPrivateKey] ; 

// sort the parameters

// create the canonicalized query
$canonicalized_array = array();
foreach ($params as $param=>$value)
    $value = rawurlencode($value);
    $canonicalized_array[] = $param."=".$value;
$canonicalized_query = implode("&", $canonicalized_array);

// create the string to sign

$string_to_sign = $method."\n".$host."\n".$uri."\n".$canonicalized_query;

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Rajesh JoshiAuthor Commented:
Thank you shalomc, but I realized that direct using get method is not secured. So can you help me to suggest direct php function to retrieve image URL directly?
Rajesh JoshiAuthor Commented:
I mean how to parse the response to get the image url.
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This is a different matter, probably worthy of a different subject.
Do you have a response example?
Rajesh JoshiAuthor Commented:
No. Kindly send a response example.
Thanks a lot.
I don't have the merchant account that you have, so can't send you a response example.
I suggest that you get a response example using the code from above, and then we can discuss how to read it.
Rajesh JoshiAuthor Commented:
Actually I need product image from ASIN value. (not Only Signature )
So can you help me getting function like
function getPictureUrl($ASIN){
    return getPictureUrl;
It is actually bad practice in Experts-Exchange to change the subject of a question in the middle of a thread.
This one started as a question on how to create signed API calls, and morphed into requests to parse some API responses. I suggest that you close this question, and open a new one about finding the image URL. In this way future EE users will search and find relevant answers.  

Rajesh JoshiAuthor Commented:
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