Eclipse Neon and jdk 1.8.0

If I move the jdk 1.8.0 into the C:\eclipse\ directory; C:\eclipse\jdk 1.8.0 and edit my PATH variable accordingly, will this work?
It should.
Is there a strong argument why I should not do this?
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Why would you do that? Programs should be kept separately in a directory off the correct location (C:\Program Files)
Amitkumar PSr. ConsultantCommented:
Agree with CEHJ.

Java and Eclipse both are two different program and should be kept separate. Java is a platform which is used by Eclipse. Without java it will not work. There are other programs (developed in java) that requires java to run it (ie. SQL Developer, Netbeans so on).

I have same question as CEHJ. Why do you want to copy java into eclipse ? Any specific reason ?
chimaAuthor Commented:
cehj and panchal, In answer to cehj question; I asked because I forgot to set up jdk and when I ran eclipse it stated that it could not find the jre and it showed a directory within eclipse that it was expecting to find it.  This is the first time that i had seen that and thought that the process of working with eclipse has changed.  I have placed it in the C:\Programs Fies
Others have it in C:\Software  with the benefit of being able to easily move it to other drives.
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with the benefit of being able to easily move it to other drives
How would having it in a different directory off the system root make it more portable?
chimaAuthor Commented:
cehj, don't know, its just what I read "on the internet."

I got an add on to this question; I thought I did not need the jre if I use the jdk.  I have set the jdk, but now eclipse wants the jre.  I can provide it, yet why would it need both?
chimaAuthor Commented:
The eclipse 1.8.0_102 is on the C:/ drive; C:\eclipse
When I run the eclipse executable, I get this; (please see attached file)
chimaAuthor Commented:
Please see and help with problem as stated in the file above.  I just noticed that the registry values are shown here;
Classpath is not relevant. In any case, you don't want to set any kind of static classpath normally, so unset it if it is set.

Set JAVA_HOME to C:\Program Files\jdk1.8.0_102
Set PATH to
%JAVA_HOME%\bin;<the rest of PATH without any Java stuff>

Oh and don't do any manual registry edits - utterly unnecessary and asking for trouble

That should be all that's necessary

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chimaAuthor Commented:
cehj, thanks!  The only difference, and i can't recall having to do this with past eclipse releases; is that I can only start it with my admin account.  Why?  
Could I change it to my regular account?  
Would I want to change it?
is that I can only start it with my admin account.  Why?
Maybe the scope of the environment variable(s)? JAVA_HOME and PATH should be system vars, not user
chimaAuthor Commented:
cehj, I'll open another question with the last concern about the Admin access.  Maybe someone else might have a solution.
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