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DNS issue


I think I may have an internal DNS caching issue going on.  I just recently changed the name servers to GoDaddy on this domain name we own.  The prior DNS records had the host A records for the website pointing to "Hosting Provider A".  I changed this so that it now points to the new website hosted on "Hosting Provider B".
When I enter this domain address into a browser outside of my company's network, it works fine and brings up the new site on "Hosting Provider B".  However, if I'm inside of my company's network and I put the domain address into a browser, it still takes me to the old site on "Hosting Provider A".
I've flushed my DNS and looked through DNS on our Windows DNS servers but I can't find anything that references the old hosting provider.
If I edit my computers host file and hard code that domain name with "Hosting Provider B"'s address, it works fine but I can't do that for every computer in the company.  Plus that can't be a good solution.
Does anyone else have any suggestions or anywhere else I should check?

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