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Compressed File attribute set on Exchange EDB file...

Looks like the "Compress" attribute got set on one of my EDB files. Not sure how it happened, but it did. So, of course, Exchange won't mount it now. The DB looks to be in a clean shutdown state, so I'd really like to just uncompress it and move on. However, every attempt to do it from Windows GUI or the command prompt seems to just hang. The DB is about 300GB, not sure if that's why. In any event, I was thinking that I could copy the EDB file using robocopy to another location WITHOUT copying any attributes. Then delete the original, copy the uncompressed version back and attempt to mount it. Does that sound like it will work? At this point, I don't really care about saving the logs.
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If you have backup, restore it. Else, the way you want to try. Use PS with -force switch to mount the DB. Let me know the result.
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If I force mount it, will it have problems if the file is compressed?
I don't see any issue in force mount. I did it several times.
You can try to copy the DB to an uncompressed drive then copy it back.

I don't see why that wouldn't work.  It should in-compress the file for you.

In any case you'll have a backup of the state the DB is currently  in.
The reason you are seeing the GUI "hang" is the size of the file. That is doing to take some time to decompress. Therefore you could just wait it out. Ignore the GUI, check task manager to see what is happening.

Even so, once you have the database decompressed and mounted I would be looking to create a new database and then move the mailboxes out of it. There could still be damage.
Okay, so I had to mount a blank copy of the database in the mean time so that the users who were on that DB could at least send/receive email in the mean time. What I'd LIKE to do would be to, after hours, move the original back in place, mount it, then see if I can take today's emails from that temp database and merge those in (using some EDB to PST utility or something).

What do you guys think? Assuming the original is working, would that work?
It looks like you are option to perform dial-tone recovery, which is the best option, I see in your case. Once users are back up, you can simply restore the data from old back, if you have it.
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Sorry to sound paranoid, but I just want to be sure I understand. You affirm my plan to move the old DB back in place after hours and import data from the newer temp database?
Moved the DB to another location without compression. Checked it, move it back and it mounted!
Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner.

But I'm glad my first suggestion worked for you.