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need help with automating a website from vba

i am scraping a website and all the elements that i want i can get the hyperlinks and do a click on them thru vba exept for one element. i do not know html but have managed to automate 95% of what i need from the site. There is a "Next" link on the page that i can;t get to work, the elementd from it is coming back 0, so i can't cross reference to a link,

here a snippet for testing
Dim IE As InternetExplorer
Set IE = New InternetExplorer

Set elemCollection = IE.Document.getElementsByTagName("Table")

For t = 0 To elemCollection.Length - 1 ' start with table 2 which holds negotions if first table then make t start at 0
 For r = 0 To elemCollection(t).rows.Length - 1
   For c = 0 To elemCollection(t).rows(r).Cells.Length - 1
        If InStr(1, elemCollection(t).rows(r).Cells(c).Innertext, "Next 50") Then
            ElementID2 = Rtn_ElementID(IE, elemCollection(t).rows(r).Cells(c).Innertext)  ; this is where i get 0 back
            GoTo foundnext50
        End If
    Next c
    Next r
Next t

Function Rtn_ElementID(IEIn As InternetExplorer, SearchFor As String, Optional ByVal count As Integer = 1) As Variant
Dim doc, element
    Set doc = IEIn.Document
        Dim i As Integer
        i = 1
    'loop through all elements till we find a match
    For Each element In doc.all
      If Len(element.ID) <> 0 Then
         If element.Innertext = SearchFor Then
         count = count - 1
         If count = 0 Then ' find proper occurance
           Rtn_ElementID = element.ID
           Exit Function
         End If

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' here is the html code
</script></td><td valign="middle" nowrap><a onclick="_navBarSubmit('DefaultFormName', 'goto','N4',1,'51', '50','ResultTable');return false" href="#" class="x41">Next 50</a></td><td><script>t(5,1)</script><script> if(DanaFlushWrite) DanaFlushWrite();
</script></td><td valign="middle"><a onclick="_navBarSubmit('DefaultFormName', 'goto','N4',1,'51', '50','ResultTable');return false" href="#"><img

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VBAMicrosoft AccessMicrosoft Excel

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It will be a little bit difficult to solve you problem without the website.  Can you provide a link?

If it is an intranet site or not publicly available.

  • Do you get an element object in your Rtn_ElementID function?
  • If yes debug.print its html to make sure you really have the right element AND it has an ID.
  • If 1 and 2 are ok, you can try to set focus on the element first and then click or you can use the fireevent click instead.
  • one last thing, make sure that the webpage is fully loaded, I have noticed sometimes that even though you get an element the click event simply does not work until the webpage is finished and sitting quietly waiting for the next event.
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here is the html code where the NEXT is at . javascript
                <TD vAlign=center noWrap><A class=x41 
                  onclick="_navBarSubmit('DefaultFormName', 'goto','N6',1,'26', '25','ActiveBidResultsTable');return false" 
                  href="#">Next 25</A></TD>

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My text in https:#a41874075 is the answer to his problems.
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