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How to pull text from inside a formula in Excel 2010?

I have some formulas that are on the wrong rows.
For example, the formula is on row 782 should say
=IF('MS Only Alt & Kept Commands'!M782<>'MS Only Alt & Kept Commands'!J782,'MS Only Alt & Kept Commands'!$J782,"")
but actually says
=IF('MS Only Alt & Kept Commands'!M781<>'MS Only Alt & Kept Commands'!J781,'MS Only Alt & Kept Commands'!$J781,"")

Is there a way to pull 781 out of the formula and show it.?
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Saqib Husain
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You can do such a thing with the help of VBA.
I don't know what you mean by "show it" but this will update the formulas on row 782.

Sub ReplaceRowNumber()
Dim cel As Range
With ActiveSheet.Rows(782)
    For Each cel In .Cells
        cel.Formula = Replace(cel.Formula, "781", "782")
End With
End Sub

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It would show in a separate cell.
I want to do that since there could be a number of rows that are mismatched.
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I think this update to Syed's code solves the problem he refers to. (Edit: changed code to remove "M")

Function chkrowfrmla(frmla As Range)

Dim strParts() As String
Dim strTemp As String
strTemp = Replace(frmla.Formula, "<", "!")
strParts = Split(strTemp, "!")
If UBound(strParts) < 1 Then
    chkrowfrmla = ""
    Exit Function
End If
strTemp = Replace(strParts(1), "M", "")
If strTemp = frmla.Row Then
    chkrowfrmla = ""
    chkrowfrmla = "Mismatch"
End If
End Function

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This works just fine. Thanks