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File path is too long...over 255

Hi Experts,

I have a problem to copy back some files to its original location.
In my previous version of a folder I wanted to copy back some folders and files.
But many files bring the error, they cannot be copied because of the long path .

Please can you help me to get rid of this limitation ?
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can you share screen shot plz
Install 7zip and archive the folders and files inside previous version which you want to copy and extract the zip file back to its original location.
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Here is the error.
I sit possible to fix with Windows explorer ?
No. The restriction is 260 characters for a file name in NTFS system and you cannot bypass it.

Zip and unzip the files as mentioned in my comment above us one of the workarounds.
ok thanks.
I used another explorer tool and here we have no restrictions.
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Yes you are right, the win explorer can just work with 260 characters.
The TOTAL COMMANDER can work with all characters.
NTFS files can be 32bit long.
it is not a problem of NTFS, it can handle 32bit long paths