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Windows Server 2012 Essentials Server Build and Config

Looking to provide a client with a new server. Budget is around $4000 for the server Hardware. Have been configuring Dell T430 servers and wondering what others are using to run Essentials? Currently their office runs between 8-10 clients that run on SBS 2011. Migrating to Office 365 for email so the new server will only be used for Sage accounting and Quickbooks along with regular file shares.

T430 with single Xeon, 48GB Ram, 3 drives RAID 1 with 1 cold spare

He does not want to virtualize...and I can not convince him of the benefits. 2 Synology NAS for backup with 1 being stored at his house to R-Sync (he does not trust the cloud for his data).

Any thoughts on this config?
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