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New Aruba 2930f switches in lab. Do they need to be configured to work?

We got 2 New Aruba 2930f switches in lab.  Do they need to be configured to work?  We unboxed them and plugged them in and they seem to mostly be fine, but there's been some odd issues with connectivity on the computers plugged into them for imaging/configuration.
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Jakob Digranes
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unless you need any VLANs or configuration on them - they work as simple switches with all ports in VLAN1

But they can be configured from when connecting to ports.
Do you have Aruba Wireless aswell?
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not sure about the wifi here.

But are switches running OK in your lab? What are your plans to use them with? multiple VLANs?
Switches seem to be running ok.  Over the weekend something happened and some ports were not working.  I restarted the switches and they've been fine again.  

So far mgmt has not asked for any vlans
strange .... no link on the ports or no traffic? if this happens again, log in to the switch web GUI and look at logs. or SSH into svitsj.
Also - register serial numbers at so you can download firmware and upgrade switches
right.  the lights were either off or really slow
how do I log into them again?
I get page cant be displayed
when connecting to switch - what IP do you get? You could also try SERIAL connection to get IP - or set IP to statically and try to reach
I cant browse to it from my desk.  Am I suppoesd to cable to it w/a laptop?
it'll have IP
unless your IP range is you won't reach it from your desk. Then set your IP statically to something within 172.16.0.X range and connect directly. Set it to an IP in your IP-range and you'll reach it from your desk next time
Whoa, not sure I copy that Jakob.
Sorry for the late response. For you to be able to login to switches you need to be in the same subnet as the switches. You need to have an address in 172.16.0 network.
After that - set the switches to connect using DHCP and connect to your LAN. Then they'll have IP-addresses in you office network. YOu should consider create reservations in DHCP to make sure they get the same IP-address always
I cannot change my sn.  What must be done compared to what could be done?
change switches to use IP from office LAN
or deploy another VLAN on firewall and add that VLAN to network and create firewall policies to allow traffic from office LAN to network
Oh, Im not authorized to make those changes.  I just need to know how to or if we need to do basic configuration on these
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Jakob Digranes
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