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Issues connecting to a VFP application with MS 2012 R2 Remote Desktop Services

We have recently deployed a 2012R2 Terminal services box, with 4 users on it.  We have a FoxPro app called Broker Plus installed on our primary server.  There are a dozen stand alone PC clients accessing the app with no issues.  When a client tries to access Broker Plus through the terminal server, they are getting a number of errors, each of which kills the session.  The RDS client is setup exactly the same as the local desktop client.  Same user.   Same permissions.  Same drive mappings.  But while it works fine on the desktop, it crashes from the TS.
I have recreated profiles, restarted the server, verified AV is not scanning the folder, disabled SMB1 and SMB2, disabled Fair Share... I dont know where else to turn.  The software mfr has no clue at this point.  Most of the errors are file read errors  (error 1104, error reading file location.cdx)

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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8/22/2022 - Mon
Pavel Celba

RDS does not have problems with SMB2,3 when data are accessed locally on the same machine. So the data folder containing all DBF files must be on the local drive on your Terminal server. Also check the temporary files location in the application.

Error 1104 points to the data possibly accessed via network which is not good solution for RDS. To tune such environment up is a nightmare... Better solution would be to use SQL Server to store the data in this case.

The app vendor must tell what Broker Plus setup is necessary to successfully run it under the RDS environment. Some applications do not support RDS.

So my only option will be to move the database from its current location to the terminal server.
Pavel Celba

Yes, it should help. And remember the shared files access via network is less and less supported today and Microsoft ignores legitimate demands of developers.  Servers make more money...
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Walt Forbes

One last question, please.   What is the difference between running this client app on the server and on a normal desktop?  Drive mappings, access, etc, are all identical.  The only difference is the hardware, essentially.   I would think that if data access was an issue on the RDS, it would also show the same type of errors on the PCs.  They are all in the same network, same IP range, etc, accessing through the same drive mapping.  I am going to suggest that the vendor move the app, but I am sure there will some cost associated to that and would hate to be no farther along after its done.
Pavel Celba

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Thanks so much for the help and guidance!  I will take this up with MS and with the software vendor at this point...