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staying in VBScript after action= on select/option Onchange

Posted on 2016-10-11
Last Modified: 2016-10-31
I have an .asp page on which there is a form that has a select/option/value/Action element with the initial values of which are set from a Records/fields from a MSAccess Database.The user will peruse the contents of the select box eventually picking out a record at which point the "action" takes over and calls a function residing in that page's header. The problem is that function will be in JavaScript and therefore not allowing me access to that database – or to any other.

The question is how can I provide the same functionality as the above without ever leaving the ASP code?


Question by:Ross Greenberg
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Expert Comment

by:Big Monty
ID: 41838282
ASP is not a language, but rather a technology. VBScript is primarily used as the server side language (although you can use javascript) while javascript and html are used client side to build the page. Server side code ALWAYS runs first, and once it does, it will not run again without making another call back to the server (for example, when a form is submitted).

if you want to make a call back to the server without having to reload the page, I recommend having a look at ajax, as it'll do just this:


maybe if you can explain in more detail what you want, or if you have a link to the page that you can share, I can help guide you in a more specific manner.

Author Comment

by:Ross Greenberg
ID: 41838505
look at http://www.nhtf.net/resreg.asp and play with the select thingie in the middle of the screen. Select something and an alert popup shows the line I want to execute against the MSAccess database on the server.
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Expert Comment

by:Big Monty
ID: 41838660
shows the line I want to execute against the MSAccess database on the server.

i'm afraid i don't follow. No popup comes up, although i see in your source code you call the MsgBox() function, which is not a valid javascript function, but rather a visual basic function.

depending on your level of experience developing dynamic web pages, you may want to consider EE Gigs
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Author Comment

by:Ross Greenberg
ID: 41838676
Whoops!  I was trying something out.  Try it again?
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Expert Comment

by:Big Monty
ID: 41839265
Ok now it's doing an alert statement that does a select based off of the dropdown.

What do you want to do now? Do you want to display data on the page based off of the dropdown? Do you want to save data to the database? If that's the case, start familiarizing yourself with ajax as we'll probably need to utilize it, otherwise   explain in functional terms first, not technical.

Also please provide any source that is relevant.

Author Comment

by:Ross Greenberg
ID: 41839369
Okay. What I want to accomplish is that when the user is scrolling through the choices offered in the select box is to read the MSAccess database to get the appropriate record and to dissect the relevant fields and to display them in the appropriate text fields (add1onscreen.value = recordset.add1.value, etc.) until the 'right' one is found/displayed.

I'm loath to learn Ajax just to solve this particular problem – it certainly does look powerful indeed and it does appear that *really* learning Ajax is going to take more than a couple of hours (any freebie AjaxToolkits you recommend to get started?)

(Does EE have a 'private message' capability?)
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Accepted Solution

Big Monty earned 500 total points (awarded by participants)
ID: 41839380
If you're going to be reading data from the database, you're going to have to go back to the server anyways,  either by ajax or a fotm submit.  That's because once the page has been rendered, all connections to the database are gone.

If you're familiar with jquery, learning ajax is pretty simple. If youre not,  then there is going to be a steep learning curve,  which is why I suggested EE Gigs.  I believe there is private chat on here,  but I believe it costs money. I'll PM you some more info for other options.
LVL 33

Expert Comment

by:Big Monty
ID: 41866594
this is the solution that ended up fixing the issue as I did the work outside of EE for him.

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