SAS and SATA mix on same controller

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I am planning to get 2 x SAS 256GB (RAID1) and 2 x SATA HDD 1TB (RAID1).

SAS disks will be used for OS including hyper-v VM OS. 1TB SATA disk will be used for storing data on within the OS.

Is it okay to mix both and still be able to use under same OS?
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Whether you can mix and match between SATA and SAS depends on the controller, but many SAS controllers support SATA disks.

I would however question a hyper-v server that boots from SAS but keeps the VMs on SATA, do you want to optimise boot speed for hyper-v, or performance of your VMs ?
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Agreed - it depends on the controller.  The OS doesn't care.  However, you want the fastest disks for the VMs, not the host OS.
Depends on the controller. Some support both SAS and SATA, but don't let you create a single array with a mix of drives.

As others have said, the boot volume on a HyperV server is not all that important; once up and running there is little drive activity.

Have you considered booting HyperV from an SD card?  This works really well for the free version of HyperV, many contemporary servers include an SD slot for this reason.
Instructions on how to set up booting form an SDcard here:
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As long as you don't try to make one array from mixed SATA and SAS disks there shouldn't be a problem. But from your Question you aren't trying to do that, so you shouldn't have any problems.

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