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Windows Updates stuck at updating..., why?

This is happened on my 2 new laptops installed with MS Windows 7 x64 professional. Whenever I turned to the Windows updates, the progress bar looks like is in progress of getting the list of Windows updates, however, after even a day, it still stuck there. None of the updates are listed, why?

Thanks in advance.
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John Tsioumpris
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Did they just updated to SP1...there is an issue after applying SP1
You need to install the following two update (check your update history)

Run Windows Updates and restart at the end.

Another thing you can do (after the above, and if you still have issues) would be to go to Windows Updates, set to Never, shut down, start up, go back and set Updates to Automatic. Now allow to run (even overnight) until the updates are complete.

My last Windows 7 machine is a virtual machine and it is updating fine having done the updates above.
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Hi John,

This is preinstalled with Windows 7 Professional with SP1.

Hi John,

I will try your method when I back to office tomorrow morning.
My Windows 7 VM is just restarting after installing the newest updates, so the combination of the two ideas above does work.
Hi John,

I followed the steps, and now both the laptops are "checking for updates". Now already checking for almost 2 hours, still don't see any progress. Usually, how much time is needed in the first time to check for updates?
Check my answer here
Hi all,

The 2 laptops, new one of the laptops shows 203 patches, and see that patches are downloading one by one.

On the second laptop, I stopped the windows updates (seems updating forever). By follow the article by John, I downloaded and then installed KB3020369 and KB3125574. Now, the setup still in progress...
There are some steps and possibly a FixIt in the Microsoft Update Troubleshooter that you can try.

Then once more, set updates to Never, shut down, start up, set updates to Automatic and then let the computer run overnight.
It often happens that windows updates will show no progress while system is in use best to leave it alone even over night then check in the morning.
If you have started to try fix things change settings stop them  you may have corrupted them or just lengthened them.
203 patches is a lot and will take time with any new system or new install.
Have you looked at the start orb shutdown button is there a pending restart required often times you have to restart several times as well.
Hi Meters,

I have left the one laptop runs overnight.
Very good, we wait :)
There isn't a windows 10 upgrade is there?
Hi Meters,

No, it is a w7profeesional preinstalled with sp1 64 -bit
 but even when you shutdown they will just continue when available. I wouldn't worry about.
Oh and it's Merete pronounced Mareeta
I have left the one laptop runs overnight   <-- Did you try the troubleshooting steps and Fixit posted above?
Yes new systems can have up to 600 updates, you'll need to install Office then the updates are offered for Office SP 1 2 or 3?? any programs installed will have updates as well and uninstall the trial antivirus as new systems  usually bundled with Norton or Mcafee. There will be a ton of things to install so it's a good idea to run a disc cleanup and defrag at the end as well.
Could take a week  :)
Hi Merete,

Sorry to pronounce your name wrongly.
It's difficult to say if this was resolved, drilling down the suggestions
MichaelBalack responded to John Hurst with no definate solution,
John Tsioumpris comment with a conformation of the sp1 installed,
all the suggestions with a didn't work
He tried my suggestion #a41841774 of just waiting since they are new systems and get a ton of windows updates and after that he did not return to let me know if that resolved it.
Without his responses we cant really continue .
So based on that unless others object just delete it
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Hi MichaelBalack
thanks for getting back, those details do seem to point tons of updates, as I said #a41841774 
 it takes time and a few reboots with a new system.
Have a nice week end, well here in Australia it is Friday evening
By following this method, windows update is working fine.