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one-way data "masking" MD5 sql

Refer to attached sql script which my DBA colleague plan to use to
"mask" sensitive data in the DB (I presume it's Oracle).

Is this a 1-way hashing or the 'masked' data can be 'unhashed' back?

Is this MD5 the industry practice or there are more secure ways of 'masking' it

How do people verify the 'hashed' data?   Do we do 'norows export' & randomly
check the exported tables or is there a way to export out table by table of the
hashed tables?

What are the things to look out for in the logs to verify this 'masking' process
completed successfully or how can I amend this script further so that it will
log down its activities for verification?

How does the script ensure that the keys that link the various tables are 'hashed'
together so that it does not break the entity relationship & the 'masked' database
can still be used by the vendor we're sending this database to?

How do people normally send such a 'masked' Oracle DB out : by encrypted tapes
or USB HDD or slowly via sftp over Internet?
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