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SD  partition not being recognised

Posted on 2016-10-13
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2016-10-16
I Toshiba z830 windows 7 box with a 128gb ssd drive. After being left on overnight the machine will not start even in safe mode. It goes into startup repair but fails.
The complication is that it has been encrypted with diskcryptor.
I have of course the rescue USB that was created after windows installation but there are files on the drive I don't want to loose
Question by:oldtighthead
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Author Comment

ID: 41842804
I forgot to mention that I can start the machine (Bartpe ish) and run the diskcryptor app however even then the disk is not recognised so I cannot load in the volume header which I have saved
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Expert Comment

ID: 41842904
Did you use wipe ?
Did you get a password?
First, you should be aware that, once you apply the encryption with DiskCryptor, you'll have to enter the encryption password every time you turn on your computer in order to enable it to boot. Once you've entered the password, your computer will boot and Windows will start up as usual. If you have a set a separate Windows password, you'll also have to enter that.
Once the encrypting process is complete, DiskCryptor should list your drive as 'mounted'.
 Utilities outside Windows (such as LiveCDs or bootable USB drives) can't access your encrypted drive. As a result, you won't be able to repair, reinstall, or upgrade Windows without first decrypting the system drive, either by running DiskCryptor in Windows or by using the custom bootable Windows disk that you created with DiskCryptor included.
Did you create a live CD as recommended
Prior to encrypt the system partition, it is strongly recommended to create a bootable Windows CD/DVD disk (LiveCD) with DiskCryptor. That will allow you to gain access to data in case of any emergency (being unable to boot the system), and also allows for partition encryption and decryption operations to be performed.
How to Use DiskCryptor to Encrypt Partitions in Windows

Author Comment

ID: 41842924
Yes I know the password to get the system to move onto the windows startup where it fails, so the whole of the ssd hasn't gone pop!. and yes I have a bootable cd with diskcryptor on it, unfortunately the diskcryptor app doesn't see the drive to mount it or restore the header
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Assisted Solution

nobus earned 1000 total points
ID: 41843096
try running the disk manufacturer's tool on the SSD, to be sure it's ok
you can do that with the drive connected as 2nd on a working system
what model is it?

Author Comment

ID: 41843431
Just managed to get the drive into an enclose and hooked up to another machine as suggested. Diskcryptor on this second machine mounts the drive ok but the drive type NTFS is missing and the an access to the drive hangs.
The drive is a Toshiba is a THNSNS 128GMCP , i'll  google for manufacturers tools unless you know of any specific ones.
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Expert Comment

ID: 41843466
The utilities would have been in your Toshiba
 you can test for Hard Drive inconsistencies on your Toshiba notebook by using one of the following tools:
Toshiba HDD/SSD Alert
Toshiba PC Health Monitor
Toshiba PC Diagnostic Tool
Windows Check Disk

If it doesn't even see the partition or drive letter you might have problems and I would take it to a computer repairs.
How full was the drive?
If you dont want lose all chances consider an expert with the right tools
You said that you had the header? refs to>I can start the machine (Bartpe ish) and run the diskcryptor app however even then the disk is not recognised so I cannot load in the volume header which I have saved
Try this
According to wiki
Corrupted Standard Volume header
The standard volume header uses the first 512 bytes of the TrueCrypt container.
 It contains the master keys needed to decrypt the volume.
 If the header gets corrupted or the container reformatted, TrueCrypt will display Incorrect password or not a TrueCrypt volume.. Using a backup of the volume header is the only possibility to recover the data.

Corrupted Hidden Volume header
The 512 bytes hidden volume header is stored 1536 bytes from the end of the host volume.
 It's very unlikely that it becomes corrupted but as previously stated, using a backup of the volume header is the only possibility of recovering the data.

Corrupted Standard Volume file system
Sometimes both Standard Volume header and filesystem boot sector are partially overwritten. After recovering the volume header using a backup, the volume can be accessed but the filesystem is still corrupted.

Recovery under Windows
Run TestDisk, select the drive letter corresponding to the damaged volume, choose None for partition type, Advanced. TestDisk can repair the FAT/NTFS boot sector, ext2/ext3 superblock.

Recovery using whole decryption
Another method is to permanently decrypt the damaged system partition/drive. You can use the TrueCrypt Rescue Disk and next use TestDisk. Run TestDisk, select the drive letter or partition corresponding to the damaged volume, Advanced. TestDisk can repair the FAT/NTFS boot sector, ext2/ext3 superblock.

Author Comment

ID: 41843803
Can't run the toshiba utilities as the machine won't start and i'm using Diskcryptor not truecrypt. Meanwhile diskcryptor is hanging on the mount with the drive attached externally on another machine.
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Accepted Solution

Merete earned 1000 total points
ID: 41844503
Yes I think there is a problem with the drive itself be prepared that no recovery or diagnostic tools is going to fix it
A  format of the drive maybe required.
Get Data back has fully functioning free trial you can test with since the drive is connected  externally to another system. you just wont be able to recover the files it finds but at least it gives you hope.
If Getdata BAck does not see the Drive either then I dont see any options.
Unfortunately hardware breaks so it is important to copy your important stuff to a external drives,  USB 4 terrabyte drives are great, I have 3 of them for this very reason.
Performing a Data Recovery
With my GDB I have recovered files from every drive I had packed up from previous builds without any problems.
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Assisted Solution

nobus earned 1000 total points
ID: 41844674

Author Comment

ID: 41845643
Thank you all, the SSD is an ex-SSD. With the ex-ssd in an enclosure connected to a separate system diskcryptor struggled to mount it , mainly the diskcryptor just hung. I restored the volume header and the drive mounted once however no access was possible. Both Toshiba SSD utilities and one other just couldn't see the drive at all so no data access was possible.
An Ex-ssd, data gone. In my defence the user looks after his own data backup and adding this machine to his existing online storage was "on his to do list", re creating the data is now on the list instead.
Personally I have a filing cabinet full of drives in static bags and so after 35 years of this I've never lost anything....... might take a while to find the correct backup though !

Author Closing Comment

ID: 41845645
Hardware failure, it happens
LVL 93

Expert Comment

ID: 41845723
what is an Ex-ssd,?

Author Comment

ID: 41845757
An ex- is a has been as in ex-wife, ex-girlfriend and in this case an ex-hard drive now a very small and useless paperweight. Drive wouldn't format it's a paperweight.
LVL 93

Expert Comment

ID: 41846155
tx for the info, sorry i did not get it directly; but it's too light to be a paperweight imo...

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