Array formula error cannot see mistake

hi Experts using excel 2010

i have the following formula which has just stopped working and i cannot see the error...
=IFERROR(INDEX('Data Entry'!A$6:A$537,SMALL(IF('Data Entry'!$EL$6:$EL$537>=$G$1,IF('Data Entry'!$EL$6:$EL$537<=$I$1,ROW('Data Entry'!$EL$6:$EL$537)-ROW('Data Entry'!$EL$6)+1)),ROWS(A$4:A4))),"")
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use this instead and tell me if you get VALUE error

=INDEX('Data Entry'!A$6:A$537,SMALL(IF('Data Entry'!$EL$6:$EL$537>=$G$1,IF('Data Entry'!$EL$6:$EL$537<=$I$1,ROW('Data Entry'!$EL$6:$EL$537)-ROW('Data Entry'!$EL$6)+1)),ROWS('Data Entry'!A$4:A4)))
perhaps you forgot to press Control Shift Enter.  and you might have just entered it with simple Enter.
D PatelD Patel, Software EngineerCommented:
Hi route217,

After entering the formula to convert it into Array :

Press the Ctrl + Shift + Enter key..
After doing this excel will add { in start of formula and } at last of formula.

Have done this....

D Patel
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D PatelD Patel, Software EngineerCommented:
Sorry professorjimjam,

You and I have strike the comments at a time.
route217Author Commented:
I did do that....that's way I am confused...
D PatelD Patel, Software EngineerCommented:
Will you share your sample sheet to check the error then ....
route217Author Commented:
Hi profjimjam

I do get a value error  and I expect the question in error.

route217Author Commented:
Sorry get #n/a
thanks for the feedback.  that is what i suspected happened.

the match is not found that is why you get N/A error.

let me break down the formula for you so that you could troubleshoot it by yourself. unless you share the workbook with me to find the problem.

this part of the formula is =INDEX('Data Entry'!A$6:A$537,   this is column where the data will be returned from depending on on which row it founds the first , second, third etc.

if condition tests the formula whether the range $EL$6:$EL$537 is greater or equal than value which is in G1 AND smaller or equal to value which is in I1

then the ROW functions are used to return the corresponding row number for INDEX function to return and SMALL function is used for returning multiple match for example nth match 1 , 2 ,3 etc which is incremented with ROW function at the end.

SMALL(IF('Data Entry'!$EL$6:$EL$537>=$G$1,IF('Data Entry'!$EL$6:$EL$537<=$I$1,ROW('Data Entry'!$EL$6:$EL$537)-ROW('Data Entry'!$EL$6)+1)),ROWS('Data Entry'!A$4:A4)))

not please put this formula and see if it returns any value greater then 0

=COUNTIFS('Data Entry'!$EL$6:$EL$537,">="&$G$1,'Data Entry'!$EL$6:$EL$537,"<="&$I$1)

if it returns 0 that means that the condition in your original formula cannot find the desired match.

please see and let me know. if you can upload a sample dummy file, then it is much easlier to troubleshoot it quickly.
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