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Sysvol Replication Problem

Hey Guys;

i have server 2008 r2 domain enviroment and i just installed a server 2012 r2 as additionel domain contoller.

 but the problem is when i check "net share" on cmd there is no sysvol and netlogon shares and depends on that my policies dont replicate with new domain contoller. when i check \\localhost\sysvol\domainname is empty and on eventvwr i get EventID 4614 says :

The DFS Replication service initialized SYSVOL at local path C:\Windows\SYSVOL\domain and is waiting to perform initial replication. The replicated folder will remain in the initial synchronization state until it has replicated with its partner . If the server was in the process of being promoted to a domain controller, the domain controller will not advertize and function as a domain controller until this issue is resolved. This can occur if the specified partner is also in the initial synchronization state, or if sharing violations are encountered on this server or the synchronization partner. If this event occurred during the migration of SYSVOL from File Replication service (FRS) to DFS Replication, changes will not replicate out until this issue is resolved. This can cause the SYSVOL folder on this server to become out of sync with other domain controllers.

is there someone who faced with this issues ?

Thank u.
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Hi can you run the following please and post the results

repadmin /showrepl
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i have done it on new and old server also...

As note File replicaiton is disabled. DFS is running status on both servers.
Hi not sure if you have searched for the error on EE, but have a look at the following article's.html
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