Excel To Access Database Transfer

Posted on 2016-10-17
Last Modified: 2016-10-18
Hi guys

I am using the below code to transfer data from excel to access but as soon as I change the database version from mdb to accdb it gives an error unrecognizable format, so this code is working for 2002-2003 format but not for 2010 version.

Sub Data_Transfer2()
Dim SaveTime As Date
Dim db As DAO.Database
Dim rs As DAO.Recordset

'Dim clipboard       As MSForms.DataObject
Dim i, j As Integer
Dim Lastrow As Integer

On Error GoTo Err:
'//Database Location
'Changed so that people with different drive mappings wont have issues

Const DB_LOCATION = "\\au2004np0012\Tcsgroup\SCHEDULE ADMINISTRATORS-\Quality Assurance\Change.accdb"

    '//Table has a datecreated/datemodified timestamp for each record
    SaveTime = Now
  i = 2
    '//Open Database
    If db Is Nothing Then
       Set db = DAO.Workspaces(0).OpenDatabase(DB_LOCATION)
    End If
 For j = 1 To Worksheets("Sheet1").Range("P1")
    '//Open Table
    If rs Is Nothing Then
        Set rs = db.OpenRecordset("Change", dbOpenDynaset)
    End If
    '//Create a new record
    With rs
        ![FName] = Sheet1.Cells(i, 1).Value
        '![Brand_Name] = Sheet1.Cells(i, 1).Value
        '//isCompany has been removed. Defaults to false, database does not use.
        ![LName] = Sheet1.Cells(i, 2).Value
        ![Initial] = Sheet1.Cells(i, 3).Value
        '![SalaryID] = Sheet1.Cells(i, 4).Value
        ![SaralyID] = Sheet1.Cells(i, 4).Value
       ' ![custPosition] = Sheet1.Cells(2, 1).Value
        ![Agent_ID] = Sheet1.Cells(i, 5).Value
         ![SiteLocation] = Sheet1.Cells(i, 6).Value
          ![Date_Effective] = Sheet1.Cells(i, 7).Value
           ![Email] = Sheet1.Cells(i, 8).Value
            ![Team] = Sheet1.Cells(i, 9).Value
             ![Change_Action] = Sheet1.Cells(i, 10).Value
                ![Comment] = Sheet1.Cells(i, 11).Value
                 ![Status] = Sheet1.Cells(i, 12).Value
                    ![Add By] = Application.UserName
      '  ![requestTime] = Now
        '//Insert Record into Database
        insertRecord = True '//SUCCESSFUL INSERTION
       i = i + 1
    End With
 Next j

 SendKeys "{ESC}"
    Set rs = Nothing
    Set db = Nothing
    Exit Sub

    Select Case Err.Number
        Case 3024
            MsgBox "Error: Could not establish connection to DB: Could not find file"
            Exit Sub
        Case 3008
            MsgBox "Error: Could not establish connection to DB: Opened exclusively"
            Exit Sub
        Case -2147221040
            Resume Next
        Case Else
            MsgBox Err.Number & ": " & Err.Description
            Exit Sub
    End Select
End Sub

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Question by:surah79
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Expert Comment

ID: 41847566
on which line of code does the error occur?
and are you able to take, and upload, a screenshot of the tools\references (access this via the vba editor screen/menu)
LVL 52

Expert Comment

by:Ryan Chong
ID: 41847577
what DAO Object Library ver was used in your program? you may want to remove it and use library such as Microsoft Office 14.0 Access Database Engine Object Library for accdb file instead.

Author Comment

ID: 41847583
SharePoint Admin?

Enable Your Employees To Focus On The Core With Intuitive Onscreen Guidance That is With You At The Moment of Need.

LVL 52

Expert Comment

by:Ryan Chong
ID: 41847596

have you tried my suggestion? it works for me.

Expert Comment

ID: 41847625
maybe experts should wait until the author responds to the first question before adding a bunch more?

Author Comment

ID: 41847692
still giving the error in the below line
Const DB_LOCATION = "\\au2004np0012\Tcsgroup\SCHEDULE ADMINISTRATORS-\Quality Assurance\Change.accdb"

Open in new window

LVL 52

Expert Comment

by:Ryan Chong
ID: 41847744
try to have something like this ?

LVL 84
ID: 41848367
<No points please>

You cannot open .accdb databases using DAO 3.6. It simply will not work. As RyanChong said, you MUST use the newer Access Database Engine Object library.

Author Comment

ID: 41849202
do I have to change anything in the code after changing the reference as it is closing my excel and not transferring any data after changing the reference? Hi ryan can you send me the code which you are running after changing the reference?

LVL 52

Accepted Solution

Ryan Chong earned 500 total points
ID: 41849382
do I have to change anything in the code after changing the reference as it is closing my excel and not transferring any data after changing the reference?
not necessarily.

you can try attached.

Author Comment

ID: 41849411
Hi Ryan

This is error which I am getting while running the macro from your file.

LVL 52

Expert Comment

by:Ryan Chong
ID: 41849414
SnapShot1.pngworking well for me, can you change the DB_LOCATION to a valid path (or first using a local path) and re-test? or you can also retest using another machine, see what's the potential issues your Excel is crashing.

Author Comment

ID: 41849421
all done my access database got corrupted so I put a new one now its working very well.

Thanks a lot for your help.

Author Closing Comment

ID: 41849422
thanks a lot

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