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OLK2013 receives same email over and over, but only this one email

I have a situation where a user running OLK2013 on Win10 keeps receiving one particular email from his ISP hosted mailbox.

  • He receives about 50 emails a day, but this one email keeps being received into the inbox about 10-15 times a day.  
  • OLK is set to download his email every 15mins, and the email doesn't come into the inbox on every sync with the POP mailbox.  
  • At other times he'll receive 3 or 4 in one hit.
  • I have checked the message headers in a random number of the emails, and the headers are identical.
  • I have spoken to the message originator (a cloud based financial package) and they've been able to confirm only one copy of the email went out of their email system, and aren't seeing it repeatedly being sent in their outgoing queues.
  • When we log into web-mail, the message isn't visible

While we can set up rules, the volume is increasing steadily, has a sizable pdf attached, and is being downloaded over mobile broadband with a very low quota.

I am stumped!!!

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