Server shutdown for microsoft update and is still trying to start up after 12 hours

Hello Experts,
Our customer´s server started a restart process due to microsoft updates...
its a windows server 2012 R2
it started yesterday 7:00 pm and is still on but does not respond...

its a remote server, all other stations respond except this server.... last employee at work said it was still on...

What can be happening ? and what do you suggest ?
RGuillermoProject ManagerAsked:
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Niten KumarConnect With a Mentor Principal Systems AdministratorCommented:
Try rebooting the server and Enter Safe Mode.  Once in safe mode run msconfig.exe and go to services tab.  Look for Windows update and uncheck it and Apply and OK.  Will ask for a reboot.  Just try it out if it fixes your issue.  I had an issue with a server and I solved it using the steps I have mentioned.
Mohammed KhawajaConnect With a Mentor Manager - Infrastructure:  Information TechnologyCommented:
If it is stuck then you have no choice but to reboot and see what happens.
RGuillermoProject ManagerAuthor Commented:
its a remote server, waiting for somebody to come on office hours...
will keep posted...
Thank you
RGuillermoProject ManagerAuthor Commented:
Hi Experts,
We just got an employee at the remote location,

The server was found on but not responding...

as soon as we plugged in display and usb mouse and keyboard,,,
it restarted normally and is now working...

So the quiestion is do we need to have a screen and mouse and keyboard always connected ?
The server sued to restart without this devices....
Why now ?

RGuillermoProject ManagerAuthor Commented:
Thank you Experts!!
Sometimes its just about not going into panic mode that fast!
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