SG300-10 10-Port Gigabit Managed Switch packet loss and reduced bandwidth, layer 2


We use SG300 to deliver internet layer 2 connections for our customers but have discovered a problem.
It occour when there is more than 1 customer connected to the SG300, each on separate lan ports and separate vlans
Each port is configured with the customers speed by shaping bw per port.
Lets say the customer on port 1 has 11Mbit shaped speed, and the customer on port 2 has 12Mbit shaped.
Uplink is gigabit.

When one of the customers, lets say on port 1 uses more then the bandwith shaped on port then i get packet loss to the management ip of the SG300, and the customer on port 2 is suffering from very slow internet and packet loss too.

Anyone have a solution to this?
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Aaron TomoskyConnect With a Mentor SD-WAN SimplifiedCommented:
Have you tried increasing the burst size?

More information how rate limit can cause dropped packets

Personally I've had much better success with multitenant sharing internet config a in a firewall, with specific experience with sonicwall.
Aaron TomoskySD-WAN SimplifiedCommented:
What is the overall network topology around this switch?
Craig BeckCommented:
Can you show the CPU stats from the switch while the problem is occurring?
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TAFJORDMIMERAuthor Commented:
cpu stats are normal
we notice packet drops only when one of the customer uses more than their bandwith limit.
Lets say the customer on lan port 1 with 11Mbit bw shaping uses 14Mbit then we notice paket drop against the management vlan 4 ip address to the svitsj, and the customer on port 2 is affected also with slow internett and web pages loading slow.
Craig BeckConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I don't think that switch is up to it if I'm honest.

As a test, if you configure both ports to be 10/half, then ask each customer to max their link, does it do the same?
masnrockConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I've had similar experience to Aaron in that regard. Either get a better switch, or move the duties to the firewall.

I've used SG300-10 units for Layer 3 duties, but it was only for one organization. Works alright, but nothing impressive. Took some work to get it working right. The bandwidth controls did not really seem to work the way that they should, so I gave up on it. I had initially configured everything right, didn't work. Had to blow out everything, upgrade the firmware, then configure all over again (using backup and restore did not work, as it left me with the same issue).

I've also used one for Layer 2 duties from an ISP connection, been a mixed bag. Definitely took some work to get it working correctly. I had to deal with the ISP (Cox in that instance) because somehow a public IP was getting associated with it, even though the switch had a static local IP, and they had to grant the use of an extra IP.

But I would also ask if you updated the switch to the latest firmware. I have had issues with all sorts of functions within the SG300-10 switch itself that forced me to reset the switch to factory settings, update the firmware, then configure again. That was literally the only way that some things ended up working correctly. (Updating the firmware before the reset to factory is fine as well, but don't expect to be able to have the firmware upgrade along fix issues)
TAFJORDMIMERAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your answer.
We have aproximately 2000 units of  SG300 in our isp network for our company cutomers and never had issues except this bandwith problem.
I dont understand why high traffic up to the bandwith limit set on one lan port should affect the other lan port.

I found a setting on the system summary menu and click on lan port where the settings to open port are. Its called protected port enable setting. I dont know if that should be on or off.
TAFJORDMIMERAuthor Commented:
We have tryed firmware and boot code upgrade but it have no effect on this problem
Did you reset the switch to factory settings, then configure it again from scratch after the upgrades? Like I had mentioned, you have to do it that way to notice any benefit from the upgrades.
TAFJORDMIMERAuthor Commented:
No, we havent tried reset, but will try that too in a while to see if it helps
thanks again
TAFJORDMIMERAuthor Commented:
I have discovered one or two more things to try.
One is Enable "TCP Congestion Avoidance" under Quality of Service Menu

The other is mentioned before and is a setting direct on port setting and is called Enable "Protected Port"

Hopefully this will solve it but i dont know yet since i have little deep info about what those settings really do on layer 2.
Advised that switch is not up to the job
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