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SG300 VLAN Configuration

I have a home network and I'm planning to install IP cameras and a Synology Surveillance station.  I created a VLAN to isolate the traffic from the IP cameras from the rest of my network. The SG-300 is configured for L3. Here’s my setup:

 User generated image
 The Static routing table in the SG-300 shows:            0      Default   Default                              2    1   VLAN1  24     Local                                  Directly Connected                  VLAN1 24      Local                                  Directly Connected                  VLAN2  

On the SG300, port 10 is configured for VLAN1, untagged, trunk. Port 1 and 2 are configured for VLAN2, untagged, access.

The traffic on VLAN2 appears to be isolated from VLAN1 and I can SSH into the Synology Surveillance box. I can ping the Synology box from the subnet, however, if I SSH into the Synology box, I can’t ping out to the internet.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Niten Kumar
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Check the NAT settings on the Netgear  router.  Is it NATing for network.
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Nitenkumar, how could I check to know if it's NATing for the network?  I can run linux commands from the Synology box on  

Are the home Netgear routers capable or NATing to two networks? Is this possible with the standard firmware? Do I need to upgrade to DD-WRT or even another type of WiFi router?

Thanks for your help.
Shouldn't it be possible for the SG300 to correctly route from VLAN2 to the internet with ACL rules?

Are you a able to login to the console of the Netgear router?
Sorry, there's no SSH nor Telenet access to the stock netgear firmware.
How about web access?
The router has remote management access, but all you'll get is the same GUI screens that I have access to.
I updated my router to DD-WRT, so I can SSH and run commands from the console. What do you suggest?
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