VB script for monitoring UPS status

hi all😊
i need vb script for monitoring UPS system.can anyone help me get the code .sample code would be better so i can test it.thanx guys
A AmzarAsked:
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RaghavConnect With a Mentor IT SpecialistCommented:
You can also use Serial.vbs from ActiveXperts Network Monitor to connect to a device like UPS or a MODEM on COM port.


RaghavConnect With a Mentor IT SpecialistCommented:
The solution given by  EE Expert purplepomegranite might help you as well -


Good luck with that.

Bill PrewCommented:
What is the UPS system, is this on a single desktop computer, or a large data center type unit, you haven't given us nearly enough info to go on.

And what do you want to "monitor", battery health, last period of use for the UPS, etc?

What make and model is the unit.

Need more specifics...

A AmzarAuthor Commented:
this single computer base and using serial communication rs232
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