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*Blast from the Past* How can I restore Office Vision folders from Backup Tape


We still use office vision for a limited scope of email.  I need to restore a couple of folder from backup.  Can I pick and choose the folder to restore?  If so, how.  How do I restore all office vision folders after a full system restore.

Thank you in advance!!!
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Gary Patterson, CISSP
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Hi Gary!

Thank you.  I guess I need to backup a step.  (this is not usually my wheel house)  
Are QDLS folders/files backup during a normal backup procedure? Or how do I check to be sure we are backup them up nightly.  We have not done a full system save in a long time.  We run office vision on an old 610 using ibm BACKUP not BRMS.

Thank you,
Hi Lynn,

If you run the "Daily Backup" provided under the GO BACKUP menu, then you need to drill down into option 10 and see how your daily backup is configured.  

There are options to select what gets backed up.  You're interested in "Folders".

Folders and documents are stored as *FLR and *DOC objects in library QDOC, you can use DSPOBJD to check the last backup date on these objects.

You can use the DSPDLONAM to display the folder and document names associated with objects in QDOC, or vice-versa:

- Gary
Make sure when you're working with QDLS folders and objects that you do it from a profile that has an entry in the system distribution directory (WRKDIRE), or many DOC and FLR commands will fail.
Great Info as aways! Your the best.  
Thank You!