best remote software for internal and external use on LAN

I am getting ready to plan a new network and we will be supporting these computers on the network.  I want to choose a remote software that will be easy to use on my office, home and phone.  I wanted to get some feedback from you experts as to what you have found very useful.  The network could be 50-100 PCs
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Austin TexasConnect With a Mentor Systems EngineerCommented:
As the owner of a IT Managed Services Providor (MSP), I can say that 15 years ago you had to sew together your own solution. Then, 5 years ago, you have quite a few Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) solutions to choose from. Now, most of those have been bought up and are being sold as part of a solution suite for MSPs. So, if you aren't an MSP, most of these suites will have stuff you don't need in them, like account management and billing components.

Most people on here will probably tell you TeamViewer is the way to go, and it's worth a look, but I would go a different route.

If you want something clean, uncomplicated and don't mind it being a subscription based cloud solution, I would suggest you take a look at LogMeIn Central. I used it at the last support center I built and it really allowed me not to worry about that component and focus actual system issues. We were managing a few hundred systems and it was very flexible and scalable. I liked the interface, too.

If you don't like either of those, there are other options I can point you at, but I would recommend taking a look at those first.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Screen Connect.  You'd probably have to go with the hosted version, but FANTASTIC.
mbkitmgrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I have used several, some for companies I subcontract to.  For my own business I chose Citrix Goto Assist.  It has been inexpensive and has been very reliable (with the exception of a few updates of late).  It works across low spead links (ie 56k) for a lone user like myself can have 500 clients.

I tested Teamviewer, nAble's remote support, and a number of others and continue to trial them very few years in case one is better.
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David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
Based on cost ScreenConnect
Based upon Performance Logmein Rescue

About $100USD/month per technician difference in cost.

Teamviewer buy once pricing
I forgot to add I run it on my android tablet too for when I am on the go.  I can start an unattended session to a clients Machine or server on it too.
rindiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If it is a Windows environment, use the Windows built-in Remote Assistance, which is even available in home versions of Windows. The person who requires Assistance, use the tool to request assistance, and then you reply to that request and the user sees what you do, you see what he does, you can chat etc.

If you also need to manage the PC's remotely without the other user's interaction, you need at least a Professional version of Windows (but in a business environment that would be the least you'd use anyway. Then you can enable the OS built-in Remote Desktop and manage the PC that way.
Stace HemaConnect With a Mentor Technical DirectorCommented:
Hi there Al4....
Depends if you're going to remain with Windows/Linux or both?
Windows: GoToAssist is fast, reliable, semi cheap (NZ anyway) and a low footprint.  Kaseya is the best but fairly expensive these days. I've tried all of the above and these are it for me now because they easily interconnect with ticketing platforms like Connectwise and Xero accounting.

Linux: GoToAssist, Kaseya, Teamviewer & RealVNC (lockdown ports and firewall inbound).

Good luck,
al4629740Author Commented:
What about security?  Are systems like Logmein secure or do they create another hole?
Stace HemaConnect With a Mentor Technical DirectorCommented:
Well whatever you use creates a hole, it's about how to manage the risk. For example use these products but change, if you can, the incoming Port it listens on and add that rule to your firewall. But ultimately a good password is the safest bet!
al4629740Author Commented:
Can we do that port change on LogMeIn?
Lee W, MVPConnect With a Mentor Technology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Logmein is insanely expensive (used to be reasonable).    Have you looked at ScreenConnect? - fast, easy, phone app, mac, linux, windows, file transfer, multi-screen, reboot abilities (including to safe mode), chat, remote commands, block user input, VoIP communication,.
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