attendance on conference software

I am looking for a web application, preferably free, that will allow me to stream a meeting, password protect the meeting and also log attendance from each recipient.  It might be too much to ask, but is there something that does what I just asked?
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D PatelConnect With a Mentor D Patel, Software EngineerCommented:
You can manage it through Skype for Business also....

Create group and Invite people to join.

Once they join you can record the attendance.
With Lync also you can capture the same (but only email addressed)

Please refer the link below :
al4629740Author Commented:
Are the meetings password protected with the same password that doesn't change each time?
D PatelD Patel, Software EngineerCommented:
It's protected with the same password.
Please refer the Skype for Business User Guide :
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