DNS Server not functioning properly

Ever since I changed my DHCP-DNS server and changed IP addresses it has not been able to get to the internet effectively.  I get a unable to connect to DNS error, if I refresh it a couple of time it will eventually come up. The Domain Controllers seem to be working correctly and I get no errors from them.  I have manually deleted all the old IP addresses from the forward Lookup Zones.  I know it's DNS problem because if I change the DNS to on a local station it works fine.  

I have run the command _ldap._tcp.noam.reskit.com SRV service location:
and everything looks great, found both DNS server.  

The DNS Server is connected to my domain and active directory.  It worked fine until I moved the FSMO roles and changed the IP address of the DNS server
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Muhammad MullaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Your own DNS servers shouldn't be in the Forwarders. As DrDave242 mentioned, Forwarders are not used for names inside the domain, hence your internal DNS servers don't need to be in there.
Muhammad MullaCommented:
Check your forwarders. Have you changed ISP? it could be that you still have your old ISP's Forwarders setup in your DNS.

Get the DNS forwarders from your current ISP. Even if you haven't changed, it could be that they have changed their forwarder addresses and you might have missed the communication from them. Click on Edit and delete, add and reorder forwarding servers as required.
Use nslookup on a PC to see if the DNS servers are responding correctly (obviously, enter a few domain names to see if it looks up quickly, for both domain related, as well as internet based)
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lcfredericksonAuthor Commented:
NS Lookup works fine.  My ISP has not changed but I probably should have mentioned that I have a SonicWall TZ600 SonicWall for a firewall between the ISP and my local network
DrDave242Connect With a Mentor Commented:
What are you using for forwarders on your DNS server? Since works when your internal machines use it as a DNS server, you can remove your existing forwarders and use it (and as forwarders instead. Alternatively, you can remove all of your forwarders and use root hints.

Also, is there any chance your firewall is configured to only pass outbound DNS traffic from certain addresses? This is somewhat unusual, but I've run across it before in environments where strict control of external name resolution is needed.
lcfredericksonAuthor Commented:
The forward lookup zones are the Active Directory-integraged Primary, and standard primary for my domain.  The firewall configuration hasn't changed.

I added the and to the forwarders and removed the ip addresses of my DNS server.  How will that affect the group policy assignments on my domain?
How will that affect the group policy assignments on my domain?
I'm not sure what you mean. Changing the forwarders won't affect Group Policy at all, since that's processed inside the domain. The forwarders only come into play for resolving queries for names outside the domain.
lcfredericksonAuthor Commented:
Thanks!!!  It seem to be working great!
Muhammad MullaCommented:
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