Where is patented software heading?

What seems to be current thinking on the value of patented software.  Gov't seems to be leaning in a different direction regarding the protective value.
Terry DennisAsked:
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David Johnson, CD, MVPRetiredCommented:
Unfortunately it is on the rise, imho it should have never been subject to patents. Or you actually have to have a product and not just patent an idea and then sue anyone and everyone.  I hope to never have to go to East Texas again

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Julian HansenCommented:
I am anti software patents of any kind - they stifle innovation, serve only those who have the cash to defend them and are too often granted for obvious solutions.

The sooner we move away patents the better for everyone.
I feel everything seems to be heading towards pay per view /rent/ lease /and store online.
Own nothing or as little as possible at home, basically to prevent copyrights, property theft, identity theft and scrupulous businesses avoiding taxes.
Prevents banks controlling the markets.
Cashless society is upon us.
Too bad for the little person who grows the food even that has now been taken over by Monsanto and genetically modified foods.
Once the world was connected with the internet technology, the internet of things!! the freedom of information is an open door for anyone and everyone to use.
It has changed everything especially competition and ownership rights.
The 1997 movie Gattaca depicts the future quite good, this life style has already arrived.
Read the plot.
Some people says that is better to register the brand name instead.

Some prefer to use only Software license.

Depending of the country, different rules:
What seems to be current thinking on the value of patented software.
Current thinking of whom? Software houses? Private developers? Business leaders? OSS organizations? Legal scholars? Most developers have no significant relationship to software patents, so mostly they have no good experience to guide thoughts. Depending on the group you're wondering about, the "thinking" is in all directions.

Gov't seems to be leaning in a different direction regarding the protective value.
What government? U.S.A.? (Executive branch? Legislative? Judicial?) EU? China? Russia? India? Governments in different regions have different stands.
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